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Teacher Resources

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Teacher Resources






3 grade sheet.doc


Focus Lesson Ideas

one time.doc


Writing Analysis

choice analysis.doc

End of year eval.doc

writing analysis memoir.doc

writing analysis + example.doc



interactive process chart.doc 


Here's an interactive way to keep track of what stage of the writing process your students are working.  All you need to do is . . .

Print + Attach to construction paper + Laminate + Clips with kids' names = Management of Writing Process!


 Units of Study


Feature Article Planning.doc -- Students use this to indicate their main topic in the center circle and their subtopics in the outside boxes.  By deciding on their subtopics, their notetaking is more focused.

kw chart_grade 3.doc -- This helped students consider what they already know about their topic & what they'd like to learn more about.  You could also use this as a way to help students generate ideas of things others may want to know about their topic.  It is crucial to success in the early grades that students chose a research topic they already know some things about!

internet research guide.doc -- This has been a saving grace!  We used in with sixth graders and it really made Internet searching go smoothly. 

andrea_Works Cited.doc  -- A guide developed by Andrea Komorowski to help students collect and order necessary citation information.  It is also designed to be used as a cross-reference to the sources when students begin taking notes on their subject.

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